Age Appropriate Skincare

Age Appropriate Skincare


Over the past 15 years, Thermae therapists have had the privilege of caring for thousands of clients of ages 20’s to 60’s and the occasional 70’s!  Helping you care for your skin at any age is part of our challenge and one we are happy to pursue with the use of products and treatments that have been scientifically proven to prevent aging.  I have often said, it is an advantageous time to maintain a youthful appearance.  Thanks to a better understanding of how the skin ages, the technology to maintain healthy skin cells has truly advanced. 

Habits for Healthy Skin at Any Age:

Here are 4 specific habits that promote skin health and decelerate the aging process:

1. Consistent use of sun protection:  This is an essential practice because the majority of the structural changes we see in our skin come from UV damage.  Dermatologists recommend a minimum of SPF30, broad spectrum sun protection.  Vivier Triple Protection Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 is formulated with Titanium Dioxide and powerful antioxidants.  It provides coverage from UVA/UVB rays and maintains full efficacy over a 12 hour period.

2. Consistent Skin Care Regimen:  I shouldn’t have to mention this, however, I won’t take for granted that everyone knows to commit to a regular skin care routine as it is essential to reducing the appearance of skin aging.  If you care about skin, then regularly and thoroughly cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating skin is a healthy habit to incorporate into your lifestyle.

3. Read the labels:  Paying attention to the ingredients you use is important.  With advanced technology, we are able to utilize active skin care ingredients that  impact the biochemical reactions of skin aging

4. Good skin starts within:  Beauty is not only skin deep, it starts from within the deep dermal layers. Healthy eating and use of supplements such as BEND Anti Aging Formula (Elixir or Capsules) contain powerful ingredients that improve what is called the skin climate. The combination of fish oil (anchovies, sardines and/or mackerel), borage oil, Capsicum annuum extract, marigold flower extract, vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) and antioxidants enhances UV protection, hydration, elasticity and firmness.  It diminishes roughness and redness and promotes a healthy glow.

Skincare Recommendations for 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s

There are specific skincare regimes, products and treatments that are optimum for each age group:

  • 20’s - Your 20’s are about discovering your new found freedom and stretching your wings.  Lifestyle, activities, late nights, socializing and drinking contribute to break out and acne. 
    • Luckily during this decade, skin cells are regenerating  at top speed, keeping the complexion soft, smooth and radiant. Collagen and elastin -- the fibers that give skin its plumped-up look and elasticity -- are in optimal health.
    • In your 20’s, the best thing you can do is to instil good habits. Cleanse every morning and double cleanse at night.   Take off all make up before bed & keep make up brushes clean. 
    • The term “double cleanse” is a practice where you cleanse twice; removing the make up and oil during the first cleanse and repeating to complete the process. 
    • Recommended Products: 
      • A gentle foaming cleanser, light moisturizer, sun protection in your day moisturizer, and acne fighting ingredients such as salicylic acid and AHA are ideal
      • Vivier Foaming Cleanser is a gel cleanser that gently removes all impurities, including excess oils and make up
      • Vivier Vitamin C Scrub contains biodegradable beads, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid to gently slough off dead cells and leave skin smooth
    • Recommended Treatments for the 20’s age group include mild peels such as the Vivier “Brilliance” Peel on a regular basis (every 4-6 weeks). The Brilliance Peel is a superficial peel that provides controlled exfoliation of the epidermis with predictable and noticeable results. 
  • 30’s - The 30’s is about establishing careers, committing to relationships such as marriage and having kids. Life events can be stressful to the skin and can contribute to adult acne.
    • During the 30’s, collagen and elastin production begins to slow down allowing fine lines to appear particularly around the eyes.
    • Skin starts to get dull, only exfoliating naturally every 35 days as opposed to every 14 days as in your 20s
    • Problems such as pigmentation can arise due to sun exposure or from inflammation from acne
    • Your routine should include more regular exfoliation at home and in the clinic to help reduce pigmentation and treat acne. 
    • Include an eye cream to your regime to enhance moisture around eyes, as well as antioxidants, AHA’s, and mild retinoids
    • Vivier Skin Tx for hyper pigmentation is available as a kit or in separate product items. The kit contains every step needed to cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize and protect as well as target the pigmented areas on the skin.  We are happy to provide you with an in-depth consultation to determine if this program is suitable for you. 
    • Invest in a high quality eye cream such as Vivier Radiant Eye Contour Cream. Enriched with powerful antioxidants, peptides and botanicals this lightweight pharmaceutical grade eye contour cream moisturizes, firms and tones skin around the eyes helping erase signs of fatigue, puffiness, fine lines, wrinkles and crow's feet.
    • Recommended Treatments for 30’s:
    • If and when to start Botox, Dysport, Xeomin and other neuromodulators:
      • 15 years ago, my youngest client seeking botox was in their 40’s.  We administered Botox for correction of deep frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead furrows.  Now we are using it to prevent lines from appearing on the face. 
      • Botox and other neuromodulators are safe to use when you are not pregnant, lactating, have a neuromuscular disease, fever, flu, or allergies to human albumin.
      • If you are considering if neuromodulators is right for you, book a personal consultation with one of our injectors, Natalie, Belle, Shelley or Hannah. 
  • 40’s - For women, the 40’s is a time when estrogen levels start to decrease, contributing to dryer skin. Estrogen hormone maintains collagen and elastin which are the skin’s support structures. 
    • Clients new to us who are in their 40’s are concerned about the deeper expression lines, hyper pigmentation due to sundamage, and loss of firmness. Proudly we see these women 6 - 9 months later with improved skin texture, colour and skin firmness after using Thermae products and receiving treatments that encourage collagen production. 
    • I strongly recommend incorporating retinoids into your skin care routine by the time you are in your 40’s.  Retinoids are a derivative of Vitamin A antioxidant that helps improve skin resurfacing of dead cells while stimulating collagen production.  It’s a gold standard ingredient for diminishing facial lines and brightening up the complexion.
      • How to use retinoids:
        • Apply a quarter size directly on clean skin before bedtime.  Retinoids are more potent when applied directly on skin underneath moisturizers. 
        • Always use sun protection in the day when using retinoids
        • Do not use retinoids when pregnant
        • Side effects of retinoids are redness, flaking, dryness, or irritation to skin. Vivier Retinol 1% Night Complex is a fantastic retinoid that causes minimal to no irritation. 
      • Recommended Treatments for 40’s include procedures that stimulate the production of collagen and elastin to firm the skin and reduce the lines and wrinkles
        • Venus Viva Resurfacing is a non-ablative treatment with minimal downtime and discomfort.  Venus Viva™ offers desired benefits of smooth, tighter skin without the limitations of long recovery. It is an ideal and safe solution for facial and neck rejuvenation.
        • A series of three to four 30-minute treatments may be recommended to achieve the desired result of improved facial tightening, however, even after one treatment there is a noticeable difference in skin texture
        • Results are gradual, with full benefit realized after six to 12 months. We love the results clients experience with the Venus Viva treatments.
  • 50’s - The 50’s can be a satisfying time when we realize that practicing self care and putting our needs first is a basic requirement for our happiness. Skin and hair become even more susceptible to dryness, and many clients notice sagging jowls or heaviness along the jaw line.
    • Moisture, moisture, moisture should be your main goal in your 50s. Loss of tone, hollow eyes and sagging are your biggest issues.  It is recommended to use powerful products that contain peptides, retinoids, and alpha hydroxy or amino acids such as the Vivier Platiné Peptide CR Collection, a combination of three exclusive formulations containing advanced peptide technology, Vitamin C and Retinol
    • Recommended Treatments for 50’s 
    • Consider boosting the skin’s moisture with hyaluronic acid injectables (Belotero Hydro) injected directly into the dermal layers. 
      • Belotero Hydro is a combination of HA (hyaluronic acid) and glycerol that offers skin hydration from the inside. BELOTERO HYDRO is uniquely developed to enhance the skin tone and texture in areas like face, neck, decolleté, and hands
      • During your initial treatment phase, 2 to 3 sessions are recommended, held 30 days apart, to allow time for rehydration. In each treatment session we will assess your skin texture and quality and apply superficial microinjections of BELOTERO HYDRO in the desired area.
      • Book today for a consultation to see if Belotero Hydro treatments are right for you. 
  • 60’s - This age group is a bit of a personal mystery to me as I have not reached it yet, but I’m paying attention to those in this age group talk about how they are more relaxed about their appearance. They don’t succumb to the pressures of looking a certain way and they are happy in their own skin.  Most importantly, they celebrate their age group because they are so grateful to have reached it   
  • I think the 60’s is about embracing the beauty and character that is achieved from getting older. 
  • Your skin is more fragile and thinner so it’s important to continue to protect it from sun, pollution and environmental elements.  In fact it is necessary to give skin extra support by using products that encourage collagen stimulation, hydration, and nourishment. 
  • Recommended products for the 60’s.  
  • Vivier GrenzCine™ Sērum* Slow Release is especially designed for thin skin. 
    • Benefits are: increased firmness and hydration of the skin while providing diminished fine lines and wrinkles, increased luminosity and improved skin tone, texture and elasticity.
    • How to use GrenzCine™ Sērum: Apply 2 - 3 drops directly on your face and neck after cleansing. It can be used morning or night (or both).
    • GrenzCine™ Sērum is a combination of Vivier’s renowned, patented Vitamin C sērum plus Polyamine-DAB™, a new patent pending discovery resulting from 30 years of clinical research by a renowned Plastic Surgeon.
  • Recommended Treatments for the 60’s:
    • Clients are highly satisfied with the use of facial fillers to areas where hollowing has set in.  Areas such as temples, behind the cheek bone, the back of the jaw, and marionette lines, are treated to create a lift that appears natural to the facial contours
    • To date, the most advanced technology of dermal fillers made with Hyaluronic Acid are the RHA -(Resilient Hyaluronic Acid) by Teoxane. RHA is known as “the first hyaluronic acid which respects your facial expressions” because it stretches with your facial movements. Therefore it is suitable for the most mobile areas of your face: around the mouth, the cheeks, the folds around the nose and mouth, the forehead and crow’s feet.  
    • We’re very excited to offer you this new dermal filler. As advanced injectors, we can appreciate how important it is to maintain a natural appearance and facial expressions that don’t give you away. For more information on how RHA Filler can benefit you, book today for a complimentary, in-depth consultation.

Age Appropriate Promos

  • For a limited time, we are offering the Age Appropriate Skincare and Treatment Packages
    • 20’s Package: 1 Brilliance Peel + the Vivier Foaming Cleanser $149.00 . (Retail Value $190.00)
    • 30’s Package: 1 Botox/Dysport Treatment to treat frown lines OR crow’s feet + Viver Radiance Eye Contour Cream $219.00  (Retail Value $271.00)
    • 40’s Package: 1 Venus Viva Resurfacing Treatment + 1 Vivier Retinol 1% Night Complex  $ 599.00 (Retail Value $860.00)
    • 50’s Package: 1 Belotero Hydro Treatment + Vivier Platiné Peptide CR Cream $299.00 (Retail Value 400.00)
    • 60’s Package: RHA Filler of a limited amount (1 ml) + 1 GrenzCine™ Sērum $899.00 (Retail Value $1055.00)
  • Vivier Skin Care Products are available at Thermae or on our website at
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