Celebrate Spring by Being Imperfect and Try a New Type of Facial!


“You must not seek the meaning of love, rather seek to remove all the barriers to love’s presence”.       - Marianne Williamson

I’m sniffling in bed with a sinus cold as I write this on Easter Sunday. I’m on a mission to write a monthly blog on  “self love”, which is our theme in 2018.  As I struggle to write the perfect comments to launch Thermae’s Spring Newsletter, I realize that self love is forgiving yourself for not being perfect. Forgive yourself for not doing things perfectly, for not looking perfect, and for not saying the perfect thing at the perfect time. Self love is surrendering to what needs to happen naturally and effortlessly, without resistance. Self love is surrender!

Ironically, Spring season is not a perfect time yet beautiful in its own way. Metaphorically speaking, perhaps Spring is a good season for reframing our definition of "perfection" and allowing a natural, effortless beauty to take place.

The products and services we offer at Thermae are meant to support you in this journey of  allowing your natural beauty to shine through. We have ways to cleanse your skin of debris and enhance your natural look with clean make up. We have procedures that bring out your natural ability to tighten, tone, firm, and maintain youthfulness to your skin. 

Our latest beauty obsession is the unique "Vampire Facial" utilizing your own blood, technically your PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma).    PRP contains growth factors that are critical for stimulating collagen for areas such as dark under eye circles, sun damage, rejuvenation of wrinkled skin in the neck or decolleté, and overall skin quality improvement. Results can be seen within 6 weeks and depend on the number of times the treatment is repeated. Done once, you will see how your skin is responding.  Each repeated treatment builds upon the previous and progresses the integrity of the skin and stimulation of collagen. 

PRP is not a filler, rather it is a collection of growth factors (vascular endothelial growth factor, epidermal growth factor, and stem cells) which behaves like a fertilizer when applied directly onto the skin after a resurfacing process such as micro needling. Your own body's growth factors applied to the tissue has an effect that causes skin to just GLOW. 

Though you may not want to commit to social engagements around this procedure, the recovery time is minimal: 4 - 7 days of mild redness, skin flaking, and dryness.  We ask you not to wash the skin the day of your treatment and use a mild cleanser and sun protection if you are outdoors for the days following.  

For more information on the "Vampire Facial" (or of letting go of being perfect) come talk to us at Thermae. We welcome your thoughts and shared experiences if you care to reach out to us at info@thermae.ca or @agesmarter on instagram and facebook!

Looking forward to helping you bring out your natural beauty this Spring!

Yours in good health,




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