3 Ways to Bring Out the happiest Version of You

3 Ways to Bring Out the happiest Version of You

Change is in the air as we say goodbye to Summer and welcome Fall! To support your transition into a new season, here are 3 tips for self care, skincare, and inner/outer beauty.

  1. Happy Mind

    “Happiness is the joy we feel while striving for our potential”

    Harvard researcher and author of “The Happiness Advantage”, Shawn Achor, reports that only 10% of happiness is predicted by external circumstances, while 90% is influenced by how our brains process our existence. He emphasizes that our formula for success is backwards: success first, happiness second. Researchers of positive psychology confirm that it is the other way around. It is not success that causes happiness, rather happiness is the precursor to success! Our culture equates happiness to “pleasure” but the studies show that this definition is fundamentally flawed and that the true definition of happiness was defined by ancient Greeks which is “the joy we feel while striving for our goal”. Therefore, you may not feel pleasure while striving to reach your potential, but you can be joyful knowing you are doing it.

    The benefits of happiness are great: improved creativity, efficiency, increased performance at work, health benefits, and deeper social connections to name a few.

    To reach these benefits, Shawn Achor says we must be happy now and not wait until we have reached “success”.

    But wait! What if you are not one of those naturally happy, bubbly people? We all know at least one person who is always positive, smiling and just naturally bubbling with joy. If you are not that person, there is a way to train your brain to be happy.

    Shawn Achor confirms these practices are proven to increase happiness. You can call them Happiness Hygiene and only take two minutes a day to perform:

    1. Write down 3 new things you are grateful for every day. Studies show that if this is done every day for 21 days, it can raise your level of happiness even if you are a hard core pessimist.

    2. Do random acts of kindness every day for 21 days. This is a happiness multiplier because not only does it make others happy, but it also makes you happy. One example is taking time to tell someone you appreciate them (whether it is in an email or through a conversation). This will not only improve your level of happiness exponentially but will also deepen your social connections.

    3. Diversify your meaningful portfolio. The more meaningful areas you have in your life, the more connection you have to happiness. Take 2 minutes to write down at least one meaningful experience you had every day for 21 days.

  2. Happy Face

    I’ve been told by clients that our Thermae treatments are better than anti depressants! Just look in the mirror at the results and the positive feedback makes you happy! Studies show that Botox has been proven to decrease depression because it diminishes the look of wrinkles and worry lines caused by frowning.

    Facial filler made of hyaluronic acid applied to areas that lack volume (temples, cheeks, jawline, laugh lines and lips) can improve the look of youth and turn your frown upside down! Filler can give us a facelift without surgery when it is injected into the sides of the face, the temples, above the jaw and around the mouth. Depending on how much filler is used, the results can last from 1 - 2 years.

    For optimum results, be sure to avoid alcohol, anti inflammatory medications such as Advil or Aspirin, and only have these treatments if you are feeling well (no flu, fever, or autoimmune disease). To further minimize the chances of bruising, you can take arnica pills (found in most drugstores or health food stores).

    Cosmetic injections such as Botox and filler are safe and effective when performed by an experienced nurse or physician.

  3. Happy Skin

    Several studies on the perception of age report that it is “skin quality” that emphasizes the look of aging. Discolouration, lack lustre and sun damaged skin draws attention and enhances the look of aging more than wrinkles.

    IPL (Intense Pulse Light) Therapy remains a gold standard treatment for the reduction of skin discolouration caused by sun damage. Not a laser, but a light source, IPL targets the melanin cells that cause pigmented spots to occur.

    Be forewarned that your skin will not be happy immediately after the treatment as it will be reddened and feel tender to touch. As the skin heals, it will display darkening of the spots targeted by IPL, however, by the 7th to 10th day post procedure, the dark spots will fade away, revealing newer skin and exceptional glow! (Find joy in this!)

    Caring for your skin during the first week after an IPL treatment requires a gentle cleanser, toner, and nourishing moisturizer. I recommend the Vivier Platiné Peptide Cream and/or the Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque.

    Once the skin has healed it is best to adopt a daily skincare regime that targets hyperpigmentation to maintain and lengthen your results. Vivier Skincare offers a complete Hyperpigmentation Skin Kit that includes every ingredient needed to control discolouration and escort the skin cells into a happier state.

    Until October 31st, Thermae is offering IPL Therapy combined with the Vivier Skin Kit in a promotional package price. For more information contact us at thermae.ca or call to chat with a live person. 403 263-8873.

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